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Mogilev Economic Vocational Training college celebrates its 50th birthday

Mogilev Economic Vocational Training college celebrates its 50th birthday. The college is the leader of vocational training education in Pridneprovie region; it has a number of ranks and awards (e.g. during the last ten years it is the best educational and scientific institution in the region).

Bykhov gets the memorial complex of naval fame

Bykhov got the memorial complex of naval fame to celebrate the 320th anniversary of the Navy’s foundation. The monument is located by the district local history museum.

People’s actor from Krivel

The birthday of Petr Aleinikov, the famous actor of the 1930-60s, is going to be celebrated in his native place Krivel village, Shklov district. The house where the actor lived is a museum. It will hold celebrations with participation of the actor’s relatives, friends and fans.

Having road traffic militia in his heart

The road traffic militia in the Republic of Belarus was established on 3 June 80 years ago. Before his retirement major Gennady Makarenko worked in the road traffic militia for 20 years. On June 19 he celebrated his 85th birthday, thus, he is five years loder than Belarusian traffic militia.

To remember in order not to face it again

People say that time is the best doctor. But there are things and events that are always in our memory. June 22 1041 was the black date in the history of Belarusians.

The Buinichi height

Students of Mogilev state vocational agro and forestry engineering college named after Orlovsky restored the fascist fortification seized by the Red Army soldiers in the summer 1944 which cut off the fascists’ path of retreat. Due to this heroic deed Mogilev was liberated from the fascists.

The Mogilev regional drama theatre to celebrate its 128th anniversary

The Mogilev regional drama theatre celebrates its 128th anniversary. These days the theatre shows the performance “Happy Birthday, theatre!”

I could reject this trip but my conscience could not afford it

April 19 the retired colonel Victor Galagayev celebrated his 92d birthday. Victor Andreyevich is an experience doctor and heroic officer. He has seen and experienced a lot but has remained devoted to his profession. Before the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident Victor Galagayev shared his memories about his trip to the radioactive area.

Living history of museum halls

It's strange to see this unusual thing on a uniform coat of one of the famous Belarusian partizans, the head of Osipovichi military operations group, the Hero of the Soviet Union, major general Nikolai Korolev.

Still in the service

Airforce veteran Ivan Matveev celebrated his 90th birthday. Respectable age. He seems to prefer having a rest. But Ivan Grigorievich tries to do his best for young generation not to forget our fathers' and grandfathers' great deeds.

Fought for victory

This year Mogilev region celebrates the 75th anniversary of the city's defense from fascists. Only few people having defended the city are alive now.

“I clearly remember the events that took place 70 years ago”

On the threshold of the Day of Belarusian Militia Mikhail Orekhovsky, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, BSSR Internal Affairs Ministry veteran, retired colonel, and the chairman of the regional council of veterans, colonel in reserve Evgeny Kovalyonok, visited the Mogilev regional cadet college.

“Was not able to leave them”

In dedication to the 27th anniversary of withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan the Mogilev state technology college held a thematic meeting “Afghanistan is our pain”.

"Krichevskaya Zhizn" district newspaper celebrates 85th birthday

"Krichevskaya Zhizn" ("Krichev Life") district newspaper celebrates the 85th birthday.The first issue of the paper that used to have the name "Sotsialistichesky Put" was published in early 1931.

Foundation of ancient Troitskaya Church found in Mogilev

The foundation of the ancient Troitskaya Church was found in Mogilev during the reconstruction of Pushkinsky bridge. It was a magnificent church in classical style.

700 people rescued by the officers of the Mogilev fire emergency crew over 20 years

700 people were rescued by the officers of the Mogilev fire emergency crew over 20 years. The information is provided by Olga Nekhoroshih, chief inspector of the propaganda and public relations office.

For Whom the Bell Tolls...

To reach to the bell-tower of Dmitry Rostovsky's church one has to go up steep staircase. While you are getting up you are wondering what you need it for? But when you are up, you forget about cold and wind. Everything is unusual here: pieces of air bombs instead of bells, priest's assistant Igor Komarov as a bellman.

Gorki pedagogical college celebrates its 40th birthday

Under the Decree of the BSSR Council of Ministers, Gorki pedagogical school was established 40 years ago, in 1975.  Pavel Pavlovich Mamchits who moved to Lenino from Volkovysk became its first director. And Alexander Ephimovich Lukashenko from Loev was appointed the first deputy headmaster for curriculum and discipline.

Number of European bisons in Osipovichi district increased more than 20-fold during 18 years

The number of European bisons in Osipovichi district has increased more than 20-fold during 18 years, the State Inspection of Flora and Fauna Protection under the president of the Republic of Belarus informed.

A candle was burning on the table

The ceremony “A Candle” is an ancient ceremony of Kostyushkovichi agritownship, Krichev district. This Christmas became an important reason for local residents to gather together at the table, burn candles and pray for health of their nearest and dearest. Pople say that the ceremony protects the residents from evil spirits and problems.


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