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“Mogilevzelenstroi” grew about 10,000 roses for St. Valentine’s Day

“Mogilevzelenstroi” grew about 10,000 roses for St. Valentine’s Day, the enterprise’s sales department informed. Mogilev sweethearts will enjoy chrysanthemums, tulips, and roses brought from Minsk and Holland, as well as grown in Mogilev greenhouses.

Roses need much sun light and special thermal conditions. It took about 9 weeks to grow the flowers for the holiday, specialists say. Every year Mogilev roses enjoy high demand, as far as they are always newly cut and may gladden the hearts for a loner time.

On Saint Valentine’s Day Mogilevers can buy flowers at 7 shops of Mogilevzelenstroi; the flowers are sold at a reasonable price – Br12,000-30,000.

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