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“Spiderman” having climbed a 105-metre smokestack at Synthetic Fiber Plant is unknown

An incident happened on October 13, at the territory of Synthetic Fiber Plant. A night watchman was on his duty when he saw a “spider man” who had climbed a 105-metre smokestack and was crying something over a mobile phone. By the way, the smokestack has been in disrepair, and climbing it has been prohibited.

The watchman called the police and rescues, and informed the plant’s authorities. The climber, a young man in his early 20-ies, first paid no attention to people who gathered down. A bit later a psychologist representing the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations managed to persuade the young man to get down on conditions that there would be anyone waiting for him. When everyone stepped away, the man got down, climbed over the fence in a flash, and disappeared. Specialists couldn’t catch him.

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