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“Taras na Parnase” to be the symbol of “Dazhynki -2012”

A contest for the most original and catchy symbol of “Dazhynki -2012” in Gorki was announced in February. Among the symbols suggested were different ears, sun-clock, storks, wooden plough, and others. But “Taras na Parnase” by Sergei Sotnikov is among the best. It’s quite possible that a peasant from Gorki was a prototype of a famous Belarusian poem, as far as its author Konstantin Verenitsyn studied at Gory-Goretski agricultural institute in 1857-1859.

By the way there is hill called Parnas and a monument to the poem’s hero in Gorki. The new sculpture depicts Tarnas telling tall tales about his adventures. The pedestal symbolizes Parnas showing famous Gorki landscapes.

“Taras will be wearing a national costume typical for Gorki district of those times”, Sergei Sotnikov explained. “He will have books by Pushkin, Lermontov, Zhukovski, Gogol, he pretended to have met, and a squirrel cub in his pocket. In case the project is approved and the sculpture is put at a town park, I hope a new tradition for students will appear – to touch the sculpture with their credit cards to have luck during exams. Taras has a gun behind his back, but it looks like a toy, for Taras needs it rather for bravado than for hunting.”

A smoking pipe that Taras holds is also needed as a symbol of a storyteller, by the same token men smoked pipes thenadays. There is such a remark at the poem. But members of the organizational committee suggested S . Sotnikov to make other models and take a pipe away in order not to promote smoking. Finally, the committee will decide which is the best.

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