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11 districts of Mogilev region suffered from the disaster

11 districts of Mogilev region suffered from night squally winds and hard rains on July, 20. The correspondent of the site learnt about it at Mogilev Region Emergency Ministry Department.

According the provided information, 48 settlements of 11 districts suffered: Kirovsk, Mogilev, Belynichi, Cherikov, Slavgorod, Bobruisk, Bykhov, Klichev, Mstislavl, Krasnopolie, and Shklov districts.

The roofs of 114 buildings were ruined, including 88 agribusiness and manufacturing constructions, 25 houses and 1 shop. In almost all the districts power supply was destroyed. 20 trees fell on electricity lines, 10 trees fell on the roadway (4 automobiles were damaged).

The representatives of district emergency committees are working at the districts suffered during the disaster. The damage caused by the disaster is being stated.


/by Tatiana Kagukina

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