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121 thousand people in Mogilev region live in nuclear polluted areas

Mogilev held the 7th information and methodology seminar “On improving the state offices interaction in organizing the work with the citizens of nuclear polluted areas and realizing the Program of cooperation with Belarusian Orthodox Church.”

According to Valery Malashko, the chief deputy of Mogilev Region Executive Committee, in the result of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant 15 districts of Mogilev region were contaminated with Cesium at a dose of 1 curie/km2. Within the years after the tragedy 138 official designations disappeared because of resettlement. With radiation dissociation 113 official designations were renamed from “15-40 curie/km2” resettling zone into “5-15 curie/km2” resettling rights zone. Resettling took place in 7 districts of the region. 21 521 persons were resettled.

Today 121 thousand people in Mogilev region live in 865 nuclear polluted areas.

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