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16.5% crops and legumes reaped in Mogilev region

Mogilev region has reaped 16.5% crops and legumes on the plan (i.e. 53,799 ha), - the correspondent of the site was told by deputy chairman of the committee of agriculture and foodstuffs of Mogilev regional executive committee Vasily Sysoev.

Altogether 210,192 tons of crops have been reaped; average crop capacity makes up 39.1 centner / he, i.e. by 2 centner / he increase comparing to the year of 2008. Though the rates of reaping are lower than that of the last year: by August, 5 of 2008 there had been reaped 32% of crops. Certain measures are being taken to accelerate the process. Today 5.1% is been reaping; the task has been set to reap 7-8% a day, - Vasily Sysoev remarked.

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