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17 December – birthday of Belarusian cinematograph

Mogilev state enterprise “Kinovideoprokat” welcomes to thematic film under the title “85th birthday of Belarusian cinematograph” dedicated to the anniversary.

All regional cinema theatres show both new and old Belarusian films. On December, 18, at 12.00 “Rodina” cinema theatre (Mogilev) holds the celebration dedicated to both the birthday of Belarusian cinematograph and the 70th birthday of “Rodina” cinema theatre itself.

Cinema theatres of Mogilev region consider popularization of Belarusian films to be one of their main professional tasks. With that end in view since 2008 MSE “Kinovideoprokat” has been carrying out the regional action “Films of My Country”, that includes showing films within the frameworks of Minsk International Cinema Festival “Listapad”, Festival for children and youngsters “Listapadzik”, “The Belarusian Premieres of the Year”, the Festival of Belarusian documentary films “Belarus – My Cradle”, meetings with film directors and actors, etc.


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