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In 2008 Mogilev region’s birth rate made 10,9 %

Mogilev region has reported steady birth rate growing. Marina Masyuk, the first deputy of the Regional Healthcare Department, said at the board. In 2008 the birth rate totaled 10,9 % (in 2007 – 10,5%).

The death rate decreased by 2,4%. The rural population death rate stood at 0,2%. The urban population death rate increased by 3%. The main death cause was blood system diseases. Rural and urban population death rates in Krasnopolye, Gorki, Dribin, Kostiukovichi, Klichev, Osipovichi, Slavgorod Districts are increasing. The leading death-related factors are blood system diseases - 51,3% (in 2007 - 51%). Aging is the second factor - 14,1%. Cancer takes the third place - 12,1% (in 2007 – 13,3%). Injuries, poisoning and outside factors are the fourth (11,3% each).

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