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In 2008 Mogilevregion showed the increased number of serious accidents

The extended setting of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee considered the industrial injuries issue. According to Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Region Administration, in 2008 the enterprises of the region faced the problem of industrial injuries.

In 2008 the number of accidents with severe consequences increased (compared with the year 2007). Anna Apet, the head of the Committee for Labor, Employment and Social Security, says that the number of the industrially injured increased by three people or 9,4% (2008 - 35 workers, 2007 - 32 workers), the number of serious industrial injuries grew by 9 people or 11% (2008 - 91 workers, 2007 - 82 workers).

Mogilevregion showed one of the highest levels of serious industrial injuries in the republic. By number of death causing injuries the region is the third after Minsk(223 cases) and Minskregion (119 cases).

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