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In 2009 crime rate to decrease by 11.9% in Mogilev region

11.9% decrease in crime rate (including 13.4% decrease in criminal offences) has been registered in Mogilev region in 2009 compared to the previous year, - colonel Fiodor Baleiko, the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Mogilev regional executive committee, told at today’s press-conference.

According to Fiodor Baleiko, felonies decreased by 11%; there also was a decrease in the number of homicides, grievous bodily harms (by 6.3%), assaults (by 37.5%), and robberies (by 19.8%), thefts (by 12.1%), car thefts (by 15.3%) and driving-away (by 16.4%).

Juvenile delinquency also went down by 24.4%; the number of felonies decreased more than two-fold, that of grievous bodily harms – three-fold; no homicide happened.


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