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In 2009 "Mogilevliftmash" launches construction elevators manufacturing

In 2009 "Mogilevliftmash" enterprise is going to launch manufacturing of construction elevators to lift loads and people. The carrying capacity of the elevators is 1.5 tons and 2 tons, Anatoly Tyukov, the chief director of the company informs.

The project is a part of the import-replacing program of the enterprise. The model of the elevator with carrying capacity of 2 tons has already been designed. The elevator will consist of a metal lift car, a driving gear, and self-assembling steel-work. The metal lift car is provided with a mini-crane. The company is going to manufacture the elevators of two types - with 60 and 100 m raise. At the beginning of 2010 the company starts a serial production of these elevators.


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