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In 2009 we worked for an effective contact with people – V.Ilienkov

The main criteria of recruiting ideologists are their analytical, organizing, lecturing traits together with tact and an ability to apprehend new ideas. These are the words of the head of the Ideology Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Valery Ilienkov.

“To involve delegates, representatives of institutions of local governing, activists of public organizations, and other specialists into propaganda activity was a distinctive feature of information work last year. We worked for an effective contact with people, tried to improve informing system, its forms and methods, to increase the quality of staff training. On December,2 2009 at the seminar of ideology staff the results of our work were highly appreciated by Natalya Petkevich, the first deputy head of the President’s Administration.”

“One of the priorities of ideology departments’ work is Mass Media. According to sociological researches, district newspapers are the most popular with the population. People trust them and their circulation has increased,” - V.Ilienkov said.

In V.Ilienkov’s words, effective work of local Mass Media is very important in the year of elections to the local Councils of Delegates. Mass Media’s work is also of great importance considering future elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

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