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In 2010 OJSC "Krasny Pischevik" directs over Br3 billion for reconstruction

In 2010 OJSC "Krasny Pischevik" (Bobruisk) directs Br3 billion 50 million for reconstruction. The information is provided by Nikolai Chislov, the head of the company.

In his words, in 2009 the company was to invest Br2,3 bln to modernize the production. But over 10 months 2009 the figure made Br3,9 bln. The enterprise bought and installed packaging facilities for a marmalade producing line, reconstructed a boiler-house, bought facilities for its branch office involved in agribusiness.

In 2010 "Krasny Pischevik" plans to buy syrup packaging facilities and agriculture machine for the branch. There is also a target to buy special cars to deliver the products about the country on-the-fly.



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