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In 2010 Вr209.5 bln will be directed to finance energy saving measures

In 2010 Вr209.5 bln will be directed to finance energy saving measures. This is the target of the regional energy saving program. The information is provided by Nikolai Yurkov, an acting head of the Energy and Fuel Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. The main targets for 2010 are to reduce the consumption of energy and fuel resources by 230 thousand tons of conventional fuel and to reach the level of minus twelve percent.

In Nikolai Yurkov’s words, this year there is a plan to provide boiler houses with 21.4% (20.3% in 2008) of local fuel resources. In the balance of Community Facilities Service local fuel resources are supposed to make 48.1% (44%). Light oil products consumption should be reduced by 7% minimum.

Energy saving is an additional opportunity to cut down production costs, to increase competitiveness of products, to reach a higher salary level. It is a way of rational use of local budget. In 2009 an energy saving target made minus 4.3%. “This year our targets are even tighter,” – Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, said.

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