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In 2011 Shklov flax-processing plant sets into operation a new production line

According to Vasily Rassafonov, a director general of JSC “Holding “Obllen”, a Belgium flax-processing line will be launched at the end of 2011. Necessary facilities will be delivered in March-April 2011.
Production capacity of the line is 1 thousand tons of flax-fibre a year. The line is universal and makes it possible to process long and short flax-fibre.

Modernization of production will not interfere with routine work of the plant. Modern facilities will be set in a new shop floor which will be constructed on the territory of the enterprise. A new line will exclude manual work and improve quality of the product. The cost of the project (without construction works) is Br15 bln. It is realized according to Decree №342 of the President of Belarus from June, 17 2008 “On some issues of flax industry enterprises functioning”.

For the moment the enterprise has made a delivery contract and is working with credits to pay for the equipment.

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