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In 2014 the Bykhov forestry sells over 150 thousand cube meter liquid timber

In 2014 the Bykhov forestry sold over 150 thousand cube meters liquid timber. The information is provided by Victor Kuznetsov, director of “Bykhov Leshoz”.

According to him, over the mentioned period the care cutting of the young growth made 102.4% (819 hectares) to the target. The intermediate gutting target was 115.4% hit, 83 thousand cube meters liquid timber was stored up. Total liquid wood logging made 193.5 thousand cube meters – 118.5 % to the yearly target.

Last year the forestry sold over 150 thousand cube meters liquid timber on the domestic and overseas markets. The plans of timber selling, wood processing, saw production, investments to the fixed capital, salary growth and labour production are fulfilled and over fulfilled.

Nevertheless, Victor Kuznetsov says that there are problems to solve. One of them is to reconsider the duties of some specialists and forestry officers. In view of this some local forestry officers gave reports on the problem.

On the results of 2014 a number of forestry workers, tractor drivers, car drivers were awarded with prizes and diplomas.

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