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294 corruption crimes prevented for 6 months in Mogilev region

294 corruption crimes have been prevented for 6 months in Mogilev region, - the correspondent of the site was told at the department of information and public relations of the Department of Internal Affairs of Mogilev regional executive committee.

494 crimes, including 185 felonies, were detected in the sphere of economy. There have been 76 briberies, 143 embezzlements, including large-scale.

The crimes resulted in Br685 mln, 323 mln (47.2%) of which have been compensated. To levy the rest of the sum, the properties of the accused of Br 543 mln have been arrested.

Prevention and detection of shop lifting is still the topical matter. Out of 83 such crimes committed in 2009, only 45 (54.2%) have been detected.

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