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3099 deputies of local councils to be elected in Mogilev region

The regional elections committee on elections to local Deputies Councils of XXVIth convocation has been formed in Mogilev according to the respective decision of presidium of regional Deputies Councils and regional executive committee from 27 January.

The committee includes 13 members. According to the leading specialist of organizational-personnel work department of regional executive committee Ludmila Makarenko, 210 territorial election committees will have been formed in Mogilev region by 29 January: 1 regional committee, 21 district committees, 2 city committees, 3 village committees, 183 rural committees.

1811 members have been chosen to territorial election committees: 1004 – by application, 201 proposed by work collectives, 606 – by political parties and public associations. 4 out of 10 parties used their right to propose its representatives, as well as 32.7% of public associations registered in the region.

3099 deputies of local councils will be elected in Mogilev region at the elections, i.e. a bit less than at the previous elections because of decrease of amount of rural councils and election district.

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