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49,3 thousand people were subsidized in Mogilev region in 2008

In 2008 Mogilev Region paid BYR 8,9 billion in subsidies to 49,3 thousand people. Anna Apet, the chair of the Committee for Labour, Employment and Social Security of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, reported at the board. In 2007 the region paid BYR 1,04 billion in subsidies to 12,3 thousand people. Last year 9,4 thousand babies were provided with free food, that totaled BYR 6,4 billion.

State bodies for labour, employment and social security managed to pay benefits and pensions on time. Pensions, subsidies and benefits by the Fond for Social Security of Population totaled BYR 317,8 billion. The average pension increased by 18,5 %, for elderly people - by 18,1%.

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