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4 citizens from Kostyukovichi were detained for bio-diesel fuel theft

Mogilev Regional Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee terminated the activity of the gang involved in bio-diesel fuel theft. The fuel was being stolen from the diesel locomotives of “Belarusian Cement Plant” (Kostyukovichi). The information is provided by Alexander Sharoikin, the head of the Organizational and Inspection Department.

According to Alexander Sharoikin, operational and investigation work resulted in detaining a 24-year old unemployed man. 300 liters of bio-diesel fuel were found in his mini-bus “Volkswagen”. His two accomplices were locomotive drivers of the railway works of “Belarusian Cement Plant”. One of them was a father of the owner of “Volkswagen”.

The stolen fuel used to be sold to the citizens of Kostyukovichi for Br1 thousand per liter. The action was brought against three of the men (Criminal Law Code of the Republic of Belarus, Part 2, Article 211). The minibus was arrested. The investigation has already proved the theft of 2500 liters of the fuel (totaled for Br3.6 mln). The criminals are expected to be punished by a five-year prison term.

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