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50 -70 cm of ice depth – G. Dolgin

Melting of snow may cause many troubles this year, - Leonid Shcradjuck, deputy chairman of regional executive committee, told today at the sitting of regional emergency situations committee of Mogilev regional executive committee.

Georgy Dolgin, the head of hydrology department of Mogilev regional hydrometeorological service specified that there is much of ice and snow, soil is overwet. That’s why while melting snow won’t be absorbed by the soil, and will go to rivers, thus rising their level. Ice depth is 50 -70 cm somewhere. “Nothing of the kind have been during the last 10 years”.

Deputy chairman stressed the need of mobilizing all services engaged. In the shortest possible time district and regional centres must be formed, readiness of all districts and cities to floods must be monitored. All notational facilities and special equipment must be listed and alerted. Towns and cities that are under the threat of flooding must be supplied with foodstuffs and medicines in advance.

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