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7 districts of Mogilev region suffered from the disaster

7 districts of Mogilev region suffered from the disaster. The correspondent of the site learnt about it at Mogilev Region Emergency Ministry Department.

The thunderstorm, hail and a strong wind (20 meters per second) did a lot of damage to office and housing buildings of the region. The roofs of 21 agriculture constructions, one office building, 42 housing constructions, 18 sheds in Glussk, Dribin, Kirovsk, Mogilev, Mstislavl, Chausy, Osipovichi districts were damaged. Fallen trees destroyed electricity transmission lines, buildings and roads. 236 switch stations, 113 localities, 42 farms, 39 electricity stations were switched off. Electricity emergency repairing is taking place in the regions.

The EMD commissions are carrying out the work to state the damage extent and the scope of restoration

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