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8%-increase in region’s budget receipts within January-October

Within January-October the region’s budget receipts made up about Br4620.8 bln, specialists of the press-service of the Ministry of Tax Collection, Mogilev department, told.

Br4342.7 bln went to the local budget, and Br278,1 bln – to the republican budget. The receipts increased by Br340.6 bln, i.e. by 8%. The major part of the revenue received (30.2%) came from income tax. Imports from the countries-members of the Customs union provided 24.7%, whereas 12.3% came from profit tax, 11.9% - from excise, and 7.1% - from assignments for innovation funds.

91.1% (Br4,211.3 bln) of the regional budget receipts was provided by payments made by organizations. Sole proprietors and other individuals provided about Br210.6 bln (8,5%) of the revenue.

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