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81 settlements of Mogilev region might be flooded

81 settlements (3 thousand houses and 6 thousand people) of Mogilev region might be flooded. Vasily Stepanenko, the first deputy head of Mogilev Regional Emergency Situations Department, said about it at the sitting of Mogilev Regional Administration. According to him, this year a flood season can be quite dangerous. The atmospheric precipitates and water content of rivers are 1.5-2 times exceeding the norm.

Meteorologists say that a spring flood will begin in the middle of March or the first half of April. But even now when the weather is getting warmer water level of the Sozh and the Berezina is going up. Every day the rivers become 2-3 cm higher. In Vasily Stepanenko’s words, we should enlist our efforts to cope with floods.

Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, asked to monitor if all the districts of Mogilev region are ready for flood. All organizations, enterprises, establishments and population of flood dangerous areas should be provided with necessary facilities and equipment. There also should be an extra supply of food and medicine.

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