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“90 years together with the country” BelTa’s photo-exhibition tells about the makers of Belarusian history

“90 years together with the country” BelTa’s photo-exhibition shows the people having been the makers of Belarusian history - Dmitriy Zhuk, the general director of Belarusian Telegraph Agency, has told today at the ceremony of un-veiling the photo-exhibition and presenting the photo-album of the same name.

“Our agency is the first in the country at putting into practice the idea of creating the photo-album that has illustrated the historical development of Belarus so vividly and fully. The album includes 400 photos, the majority of which are large-scale. For all that we worked not just to show the static picture, but to reflect as more people with their emotions as possible in order to give those who will hold the edition in hands the opportunity to feel how it happened” – the director added.

Valeriy Malashko, deputy chairman of Mogilev executive committee, remarked that the project is being carrying out just at the right time – when the Year of Native Land has been proclaimed. He was in the firm belief that such kind of co-operation with Belarusian Telegraph Agency wouild continue in future in order to carry out new interesting joint projects in the nearest future.

The exhibition is held in Mogilev till February, 15, 2009.


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