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939 babies were born in Mogilev region in January

939 babies were born in Mogilev region in January. The birth rate went down by 11.5% comparing with the same period 2009. The information is provided by the Central Mogilev Region Statistics Office.
731 babies were born in towns and large rural settlements, 208 babies – in villages.

At the same time within this period 1557 people died. It is 0,8% more comparing with the same period 2009. According to the specialists, the main causes of the death were blood system diseases, respiration diseases, gastric problems, cancer, infections, parasitogenic diseases (70.3%).

Comparing with the same period 2009, the number of deaths caused by infections, and parasitogenic diseases shows 2.4 times’ increase. The number of those died of blood system diseases increased by 6.6%. There is a certain decrease in the number of deaths related to respiration diseases (40% decrease), gastric problems (25% decrease), cancer (8.4% decrease).

The number of the deaths that are not caused by diseases went down by 13.5%. Suicides fell by 51.4%, accidental alcohol poisoning – by 45.3%.

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