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About 2,7% of Mogilevers asked for medical assistance

More than 2,7% of Mogilev citizens (9858 people) turned to polyclinics for medical assistance during flue epidemic. Natalia Prosolovich, the head of Mogilev Regional Centre of Hygienic and Epidemiology, told about it to the correspondent of the site. 53,6% of the patients are children and teenagers.

Flue epidemic was announced in Mogilev on the 3d of March. A complex plan of antiepidemic measures to cope with flue and cold and to prevent them was introduced on the 4-th of March. The number of flue and cold cases reached its maximum on March, 3. Sickness rate 7.2 times exceeded its usual index. Flue was diagnosed in 40% of the registered cases.

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