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“About a fox-cub who would like to be sly”

November,14-15 Mogilev Regional Puppet Theatre shows a new production performance “About a fox-cub who would like to be sly”. It is a story about a fox-cub Ludwig and a chicken Tuttu based on the fairy-tale by Jan-Olof Ekholm. The information is provided by Tatiana Glushakova, the deputy attendance director of the theater. The performance is directed by Igor Kazakov, the head director of the theatre.

In Tatiana Glushakova’s words, the performance is very bright. It is for the children aged 4 and older, it’s also an excellent option for family viewing. “The play is about honesty. What is more important – the foxes’ truth or Ludwig’s truth? For him honesty is a priority. The performance also has some romantic moments introduced by Shakespeare in his “Romeo and Juliette”. But our performance has a happy end,”- Tatiana Glushakova noted.

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