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Agreement on children health improvement signed by education department of regional executive committee & “Nord-Solidarite”

Representatives of French charitable organisation “Nord-Solidarite” from Arle city and education department of regional executive committee signed an agreement on co-operation in the sphere of children health improvement in France in 2010, - the correspondent of the site was told at education department.

Representatives of the charitable organisation that has been co-operating with our region for 10 years, visited Mogilev children's home №1 and boarding school of sanatorium type for scoliosis children, as well as families of the children who had had a rest in France. During delegation’s stay in Mogilev health improvement company of the year 2009 was summed up.

Last year 26 children from Mogilev had a rest in France; and 30 more (children from radioactive contaminated areas, as well as children from one-parent or poor families) will go there this year.

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