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Agro-tourism and hotel business development will revive Belarusian village - A.Lukashenko

Agri-tourism and hotel business development will revive Belarusian village - A.Lukashenko, the President of the Republicof Belarus, told about it to the journalists.

According to the head of the state, today we can say that agro-tourism in Belarusexists. We have passed the first stage of coming into being.

A.Lukashenko noted the active part of Belagroprombank in agro-tourism development. The bank loans on preferable terms those who have a constructive interest in the sphere.

The President pointed out the importance of agro-tourism as the means of tourist attraction and as a way to revive the deserted villages and lands. Belarushas already become familiar with the business, studied the demand and means to attract tourists. The task for today is to develop mass agro-tourism.

In A.Lukashenko's words, a new hotel complex in the villageof Alexandriais going to be a success. The hotel will be popular with sportsmen that come to take part in the competitions. "And frankly speaking, there are a lot of people who want to see the President's native village, where he lived and went to school. If this fact attracts money let them come," - the President said.


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