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The aim of state Mass Media is to improve their quality and efficiency – V.Rusakevich

The aim of state Mass Media is to improve their quality and efficiency. This aime was posed by Vladimir Rusakevich, the Information Minister. Vladimir Rusakevich took part in the republican state mass media chiefs’ seminar on the questions of information provision of social and economic development of Belarus at present-day stage. The seminar is held in Mogilev region on November,9-10.

According to the Information Minister, state and non-state Mass Media are not short of contact with representatives of Ministries and state offices. State Mass Media are not quick enough in information provision. They are lagging behind their competitors in quality of the provided information and design. “And as a result republican central Mass Media are loosing their readers. At the same time their competitors are in more favorable situation. We are to make maximum efforts to be more competitive at the Mass Media market. To compete for every reader is the most important slogan today.”

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