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Alexander Nevski Cathedral to be underbuilt on September 16 at territory of Bobruisk Fortress

Alexander Nevski Cathedral will be underbuilt on September 16 at the territory of Bobruisk Fortress. The Minister of Architecture and Construction Alexander Seleznyov, the Minister of Internal Affairs Anatoli Kuleshov, the Minister of Defence Yury Zhadobin, the Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko will attend the service headed by Minsk and Slutsk Metropolitan Phylaret.

The Cathedral was built at the beginning of the 19th c. by a famous Russian architect Alexander Shtaubert; it was a part of an architectural complex of Bobruisk Fortress. In 1934 the Cathedral was blew up by the Soviet power. In June 2008 its foundation was discovered, and a cross sanctified by Bobruisk and Bykhov bishop Seraphim was put there last May.

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