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Alexei Grishin from Belarus won the first golden Olympics medal

Due to the victory of a free stylist Alexei Grishin the National Team of Belarus became the 15th among all the teams at the XXI winter Olympics.

Alexei Grishin is a sportsman who brought Belarus its first Winter Olympics medal. Alexei Grishin is 30 years old. And it was his fourth Winter Olympics. In 2002 in Salt-Lake-City he won a bronze medal. In 2006 in Turin he was the fourth. In Nagano in 1998 he took the eighth place. Alexei has got a complete collection of the World’s Championship tournaments: in 2001 he was the first; in 2003 he got a silver medal; in 2005 he won a bronze medal. Many times he was a winner of the World’s Cups. Alexei Grishin is the Honoured Master of Sports. He represents the Republican Physical Education and Sports Centre. His coach is Nikolai Kozeko who heads the National Free style team.

Vancouver Winter Olympiads brought Belarus two more medals. Biathlonists Sergei Novikov won a silver medal (individual 20 km race). Daria Domracheva won a bronze medal (15 km race).


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