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"From the Angel to Rap"

The Global Warming Squirrel, Aric Cartman from "Southern Park", the Checked Angel, the Young Rapper, the Polite Cat, and a bouquet of the Magic Flowers + These are just some of the fairy-tales characters which are in the centre of the exhibition "From the Angel to Rap". The exhibition opened at the "Chyrvonaya Zorka" cinema in Mogilev. The author of the paintings is Daniil Skorobogatov, a pupil of the fourth form "B" of Mogilev Gymnasium 3.

According to Daniil's parents, the boy was born in 1999 in Mogilev. He has attended the art-studio "Shar" of the Regional Culture Palace since 2007. And in 2008 Daniil began studying at the City Art School.
The talent of a painter was discovered by chance. Parents wanted the boy to be involved in some activity and took him to the art-studio "Shar". And it was a right choice.

The colors chosen by Daniil are bright and dynamic. His works show cats, flowers, palaces, angels. His favorite artists are Vincent Willem van Gogh and Pavel Philonov.

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