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April, 20-24 2010 prescheduled elections of delegates to the Local Councils of Delegates take place

Prescheduled elections of delegates to the Local Councils of Delegates of the 26th convocation take place on April, 20-24. The information is provided by Valery Berestov, the chief of Mogilev Regional Electoral Commission.

In Valery Berestov’s words, under the law of the Republic of Belarus the right of prescheduled elections is given to the electors who will be away on the day of elections. The person shouldn’t provide any official paper to prove the fact.

Voting papers will be given out on the voter’s producing one of the following certificates: a passport, a military card (for military servicemen), a certificate of employment, a certificate of a pensioner, a certificate given by the Internal Affairs Ministry if the passport is lost, a residential permit identity card for the citizens of the Russian Federation who constantly live on the territory of Belarus. The citizens who haven’t got a passport of the year 1996 design will get voting papers on the base of the list of citizens who can take part in elections on producing a passport of an old design or one of the certificates mentioned above.

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