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April, 20 Mogilev holds the meeting with Alexander Kashperov and Maria Vozba

April, 20 at 16.30 Mogilev holds the meeting with Alexander Kashperov and Maria Vozba. The event takes place at the “Rodina” cinema and is dedicated to the première demonstration of the film “Dastish Fantastish” («Дастиш фантастиш») in Mogilev. The information is provided by the “KinoVideoProkat” company.

The film is based on the script by a Belarusian film director Maria Mozhar. The film introduces the audience with funny, creative and energetic residents of the village of Veseloe. The story of the film is really funny: a once removed missing uncle leaves inheritance to his nephew. And all the village of Veseloe sees off a lucky boy who is leaving for the capital. In the capital he is presented with a small box with only some seeds in it. The boy is very disappointed. He throws the seeds away. Next morning he makes up and sees a tree with bank notes instead of leaves on its branches. And there is a grove of such trees.

Maria Vozba is a leading actress of the film. She is well known by her roles in the films “Dunechka”, “Rhymed with Love”. Alexander Kashperov has been in the cinema art for 31 years. He has acted in over a hundred films.

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