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April, 26 the village of Lyubuzh holds the meeting of grief by the memorial “To Victims of Chernobyl”

April, 26 the village of Lyubuzh (Mogilev district) holds the meeting of grief by the memorial “To Victims of Chernobyl”. The event is dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The meeting will gather representatives of local authorities, youth organizations, disaster fighters, victims of the tragedy.

The minute of silence will revere the memory of the victims of the disaster. The participants will lay flowers and wreaths on the black gravestone containing the inscription “To courage of Chernobyl disaster fighters”. The Mogilev Culture Centre Brass Band and the Mogilev Chamber Chorus will take part in the event as well.

In the result of the disaster at the Chernobyl Power Station a third of Mogilev region territory suffered from radioactive contamination (1100 settlements). Contamination of 10 districts was especially serious - Krasnopolie, Cherikov, Kostyukovichi, Slavgorod, Bykhov districts. 168 villages were left by their inhabitants. By January 2010 119.5 thousand Mogilev region citizens lived on the contaminated territories, over 23 thousand of them – children.

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