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Arthem Damkovski from Bobruisk won M-1 Selection 2010 Eastern Europe mixed martial arts tournament

Independent judge commission declared Arthem Damkovski from Bobruisk to be a champion of M-1 Selection 2010 Eastern Europe Mixed martial arts tournament. The fight versus Arsen Ubaidulaev (Russia) took place on July 22, in Minsk, and the Russian sportsman was announced the winner. But, the Belarusian team and fans appealed against the decision, and after the independent judge commission analysed the record of the fight, they decided the Belarusian sportsman to be the best.

A traditional open-air mixed martial arts tournament “Battle of the Neva -4” will be held on August 19. During the tournament Arthem Damkovski will be presented with a champion’s finger ring purpose-made by “Smolenskie Brillianty” (“Smolensk Diamands”).

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