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Artist Galina Cononova presents album in Mogilev

On March, 4, artist Galina Cononova, the member of Belarusian Artists Union, presents album in her native city Mogilev. The presentation takes place at Mogilev Regional Museum named after P. Maslenikov.

It is the figure of a woman that the artist considers to be its creative inspiration: “I make the figure of a woman to be poetical, I sing it”. Thus, it may be not a mere occasion that the presentation is carried out on the eve of March, 8th. Galina Cononova considers the colour to be the mainframe of her pictures: “Each my feeling, emotion, idea and concept comes through the colour. And that very album presented has been created according to the principle of colour”.

Also the presentation is carried out on the eve of the artist’s birthday.

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