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Awarding winners and laureates of “Best Businessman of Mogilev region - 2009” contest

The ceremony of awarding winners and laureates of “Best Businessman of Mogilev region - 2009” contest took place today in the Palace of Culture of the Region.

Governor Peter Rudnick told during the ceremony that “business is the most flexible and effective sector of economy”; private business means constant search for the most advanced forms and methods of management, energy saving, money turnover, new jobs and finally – a way to increasing population’s well-being.

Contribution of small and medium enterprises into economic development of Mogilev region is rising: last year’s budget receipts from business sector made 27% (3.5% increase compared to the previous year). Mogilev region businessmen are among the leaders – they provided about a half of budget receipts. Favorable conditions for business undertakings are also in Bobruisk and Bykhov district.

Last year 1158 private businesses were started, and 4000 sole proprietors were registered. By this year beginning there were more than 6800 private business organisations that had opened 11 job vacancies.

To a great extent it happens due to a reasonable dialogue between executive bodies and businessmen, and a complex of measures (including financing) aimed at supporting small and medium enterprises. In 2010 – 2012 regional budget provided BYR 3 bln annually for financing business undertakings.

The head of the region thanked businessmen for their contribution into Mogilev region development and awarded the winners and laureates with “Nika” prizes and diplomas. Among the awardees are director of “Servolux” Evgeny Baskin, general manager of Belarusian-German “Jockey Plastic Mogilev” Svyatoslav Kupriyanchick, head of “Konstantin” farmland (Dribin district) Vasily Razumov, general manager of “Prometei” (Gorki) Anatoly Fedorovich and others. Mogilev happens to become the city with the most favorable conditions for business undertakings, Mogilev district – the district with the most favorable conditions for business undertakings.

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