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“Be attentive - Children”

StateAutomoboleInspection of Mogilev region appeals to the drivers to be as attentive as possible at the roads in the view of the start of summer school holidays. As a rule, during this period the amount of road accidents with participation of children increases.

StateAutomoboleInspection of the Department of Internal Affairs of Mogilev regional executive committee informed the correspondent of our site about 198 accidents registered at the territory of Mogilev region for the four months of the year 2009. The increase of children’s accidental traumatism that has been registered in 2009 is the course for alarm. Thus, there have happened 19 accidents with participation of children for the four months of the year 2009, 20 children were injured, 2 died.

Among the usual moving violations of the under age are crossing traffic areas at nonfixed sites or when the traffic lights prohibit, unexpected appearance within traffic areas or before approaching cars, playing games near traffic areas.

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