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Belarus considers the possibility of producing caoutchouc

The Committee of State Control together with the leading scientists of the republic considers the possibility of producing caoutchouc. The issue was discussed during the visit of Zenon Lomat, the chief of the Committee of State Control, to “Bobruisk Belshina” Company.

Zenon Lomat analyzed financial and manufacturing work of the enterprise, studied the issues raised by the management of the company. Possible production of caoutchouc - the main imported raw material – was in the centre of discussion.

The chief of the Committee of State Control also took part in the session of Bobruisk District Executive Committee. He paid attention to the questions of investments, budget, and warehouses stock decrease. Low power inputs and power savings were mentioned among the most urgent issues.

Zenon Lomat visited “Fandok” company (Bobruisk), got acquainted with the company’s work, its modernization, veneer sheet production. He studied the effectiveness of the company’s work taking into account the state assistance provided to wood processing industry. According to Zenon Lomat, the company has improved working conditions and achieved positive results in producing thermal and electric energy for internal consumption and selling.

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