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Belarus to continue rehabilitation of territories suffered from Chernobyl catastrophe

It has become a matter of tradition for the president to visit territories suffered from Chernobyl catastrophe on April 26. This year the President visits Cherikov district of Mogilev region.

15 out of 21districts of Mogilev region (i.e. 884 000 ha) were contaminated. What concerns Cherikov district, its whole territory of more than 100 000 ha was contaminated with radiation. It meant 10 000 ha reduction of arable lands, and reduction of its population by 8 000 people.

Though, there have been registered the tendency of declining the level of radioactive contamination, the President was told by the head of Cherikov district executive committee. Certain areas are to become arable in the nearest future.

While examining spring field works in Minsk and Mogilev regions from helicopter board Alexander Lukashenko criticized husbandry condition in some areas, especially – in Cherven, Berezino, Belynichi districts. The President recommended the governor of Mogilev region to start constant monitoring of agricultural lands condition in region. “Belynichi made me unpleasantly surprised; its husbandry is in much worse situation than Polesse”, - the head of the state told. Last year straw still hasn’t been taken away in some areas, - Alexander Lukashenko noted.

President also touched upon the matter of housing construction, pointing to inadmissibility of project and construction defects. At the same time, building contractors are to eliminate defects, but not to follow each one’s tastes.


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