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The large-scale grain harvesting campaign that started in Belarus in late July is finally over, the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs told Interfax.

As of 25 August, grain and leguminous crops (except corn) have been cleared on an area of 2.2 million ha, 96% of the total area under those crops. The northern region of Belarus – Vitebsk is 90% through with the job and is due to finish mowing by August 28.

In gross terms Belarus has threshed 8.51 million tonnes against 6.8 million tonnes as of August 25, 2008. All in all, Belarus is expected to collect 8.7-8.8 million tonnes, the ministry said.

The average yield stands at 38.86 hundred kilos per ha, which is 800 kilos more than last year. The highest yield is reported from Grodno Region at 50.46 hundred kilos per ha, which 1,366 kilos more than last year.

The total grain harvest collected in Belarus in 2008 is projected at 9.3 million tonnes.

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