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Belarusian agrogorodoks are to become sufficient economic units. - S.Sidorsky

Belarusian agrogorodoks (agrarian villages of modern type) are to become sufficient economic units. Sergey Sidorsky, the Prime Minister of the republic, told about it at the Council of Minister's Presidium. The Presidium considered the results of the State Program of Village Revival and Development (2005-2010) achieved in 2005-2008.

According to the Prime Minister, agrogorodoks' social and manufacturing development should be paid much attention to. Besides housing and multiple service establishment construction manufacturing and processing are also of great importance. Every agrogorodok must become an efficient economic unit. "Today we shouldn't focus on social sphere only and ignore the major problem of agrogorodoks'economic development". - Sergey Sidorsky told.


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