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Belarusian Cement Plant put into operation modern mill for lime milling

RUE “Belarusian Cement Plant” (Kostiukovichi district, Mogilev region) put into operation modern mill for lime milling, - Igor Lozhechnikov, the chief engineer of the plant, informed.

New equipment has been bought and installed in the lime production department within the programme of plant modernisation and energy saving. 12 tons an hour capacity mill allows to produce refined milling powder, that is of much better quality by its consumer characteristics than produced before ball one.

This capacity makes it possible to supply Belarusian construction industry with powder lime, as well as to export it. In the nearest future the plant is to start the procedure of certifying new commodity according to European standards. This year the plant is supposed to produce 100 thous tones of lime, i.e. not less than the previous year. This figure stands for 10 % of the volume of production of Belarusian Cement Plant.

Belarusian Cement Plant was put into operation in 1996, now it is one of the largest cement producers in Belarus and CIS countries. The cement it produces (with and without mineral admix) was recognised to be the commodity complying with world standards.

The system of quality management of cement production comply with ISO 9001-2000 international standard. The testing laboratory of the plant tests cement on the compliance with international and European standards.


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