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Belarusian Cement Plant (BCP, the town of Kostyukovichi, Mogilev Region) increased the production of cement by 6.7% in January-December 2007 to a total of 936,200 tonnes, a company representative told Interfax.

The output of cement packed in sacks (25, 50, 1,000 kg) made 144,200 tons (14.1% up), the source specified.

The Klimovichi branch of the enterprise produced 105 thousand tonnes of lime (17.5% up). All lime is sold on the domestic market, the source reminded.

Cement accounted for 92% of commodities produced by BCP.

Over the period in question the company produced BYR 111.8 billion worth of commodities, or 10% up on the year.

In 2007 the company exported 114,000 tonnes of cement. 85% of the exports fell on the Russian Federation, the rest was exported to the Baltic States, the source specified.

Domestic sales of the BCP grew 13% on the year. The return on sales totalled 15.6%, the source informed.

In late December 2007 the company commissioned another cement-making furnace. The furnace is expected to boost the annual capacity of the plant by 200,000 tonnes of cement, the source reminded.

In January-December 2007 the plant invested over BYR 18 billion in the modernization of production facilities, or 46% up on the year.

The Belarusian Cement Plant was set up in 1996. The staff counts 1,450 persons.


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