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Belarusian Cement Plant (BCP, the town of Kostyukovichi, Mogilev Region) invested BYR 9.4 billion in fixed capital in January-September 2007, or 2.3 times up on the year, a company representative told Interfax.

Over the period in question the company produced BYR 81.9 billion worth of commodities, or 10.1% up on the year. In January-September the BCP turned out 683,500 tonnes of cement, or 7.2% up.

The output of cement packed in sacks (25, 50, 1,000 kg) made 115,300 tons (23.6% up), the source specified.

The Klimovichi branch of the enterprise produced 77.9 thousand tonnes of lime (19.3% up). All lime is sold on the domestic market, the source reminded.

Cement accounted for 92% of commodities produced by BCP.

In natural terms the company exported 96,000 tonnes of cement. 88% of the exports fell on the Russian Federation, the rest was exported to the Baltic States, the source specified.

As of October 1 the finished goods inventory made 14.6% on the monthly output, the limit being 20%. According to the source, the BCP's domestic sales rose by 14% on the year to reach 578,500 tonnes.

The Belarusian Cement Plant is heavily involved in preparatory works for installing a new furnace. With the new furnace made operational in 2007, the company will be in a position to boost cement output by 500 thousand tonnes. The projected is funded by bank loans, innovation funds of the Ministry of Architecture and Housing Construction and the company's own assets.

The company was set up in 1996. The staff counts 1,450 persons.


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