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Belgospischeprom concern (the Belarusian state food industry concern) has announced a contest seeking for sunflower seed suppliers for the production of premium-quality oil.

The closing date for submittign applications is June 13 2007.

1 thousand tons of sunflower seeds will be bought for Bobruisk Vegetable Oil Factory and 2.1 thousand tonnes for Minsk Margarine Plant.

Minsk Margarine Plant is ready to pay for the lot some $1.281 million, while the offer of Bobruisk Vegetable Oil Factory is $700 thousand.

Minsk Margarine Plant hopes to purchase 120 tonne of oil a month, while Bobruisk Vegetable Oil Factory seeks to purchase 700 tonnes of oil a month.

They give first priority to materials from Ukraine and Russia.

Bidders offering sunflower seeds produced by a third party shall see their price offer raised by 10%.

The prospective participants shall pay a participation fee of BYR 230.7 thousand (which stands at $180 for non-residents).

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